The politics of dancing

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The politics of dancing

Post by SOD » 12/16/07, 1:53 pm

Been working with an artists group to begin development on a website. They are intractable, they understand their own medium but think that their medium can be applied successfully to any other medium. hmmm like the web.

Images that carry text, a lack of interaction, and a brochure look to the web presense is where we are at right now.

Tomorrow, I show them a perpetual events calendar that has progressive 10 year scheduling and leap year compensated. You can edit, comment to, and email events. A Google map link also generated. Edited events will show what fields have changed and there is preview for posted and edited events. The navagation is dynamic showing only those years and motnths that have events....

What if we are getting ahead of ourselves? Does everyone view the web as interactive? I think that
while verbal and written communication happens
interaction is optional.

We have more ways of communicating than ever before.
We still have not tought ourselves how to interact or for that matter understand that communication and interaction need to be developed side by side.

The popular myth is that the web generates interactive
communication. It does not.

What it does create are proxemics that are compatable
to personality types. This is nothing more than your personality type responding to a hive. I have been guilty of this many times here and never knew why untill I did some study.

Normally this would be a inefficient impractical means of interacting or communicating but the web has created the illusion that it is efficent through connectivity.

A short, informal case study confirmed what I had suspected. I set up a facebook account so I could join a recently formed group about web standards. In two short months it had 1800 members and very itttle interaction. The people communicating had the traits
I have seen elsewhere on the web but little interaction.

The web is not a place to interact. It brings people together through connectivity which is an object. Objects gather people they do not create effective
proxemics by which to interact. It is comparable to
requiring 15,000 amps to power a 30 watt light bulb.

huh so the question still remains how do we interact?
How do we create a interactive proxemic that has global reach to people we have never met while maintaining
a local scope?

Because all we have right now is a very inefficent light bulb.
It is better to be here than there - SOD

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