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Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)

Posted: 11/26/11, 11:41 pm
by bob

Posted: 11/27/11, 9:02 am
by Gerry
The TV set in our house has only ever been used to play xbox and I use the free newspaper we get sent when I shave my beard so that the clippings don't go all over the sink. I do listen to the radio but only for entertainment.

Daily rotation has far more influence over my life than all three of these things. :)

Posted: 11/28/11, 9:52 pm
by Don_U
Yeah this is why the Fairness Doctrine was formed.

What in the public interest does playing AC/DC 1000 times a day get you? We have coincided or forgot that these are the public airwaves. NOT THE CAPITALIST AIR WAVES. I am tired of AC/DC 1000 times a day. Until we understand that the license to broadcast means just that and the content serves the need of the community.

WLAV used to be a national model for good radio now they dodge their listeners with no phone # no request line no input to the station. They were just sold by Citadel as part of their bankruptcy (after they bought ABC radio) and bought by Cumulus Broadcasting.

They have the authority (not the right) to broadcast. WE

rant over - with that said I don't watch much TV and unless it is public radio I just don't listen.