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Kidnapping of US Citizen at G20 by military?

Posted: 09/27/09, 2:57 am
by Gerry

The video title says "arrest" but I don't see any handcuffs. I see for guys in army attire force a guy who's trying to escape from them into the back of an unmarked car. Seemed very planned and weird.

I would have guess it was staged had I not seen the riot squad officers let it happen like they knew it was coming.

I read up on the "Posse Comitatus Act" on wiki, but the seems to be a lot of conflicting info on weather it is still illegal for the army to police outside of times of martial law. Might do some more research later, but I though you guys would be interested seeing as how you live there and the vid is fucking scary and all.

Posted: 09/27/09, 11:51 pm
by JohnT
Number one... that wasn't military....police in camo...military camo is different...this is outdated and also mismatched.
Number two...police use unmarked's a well-known.
This video is not out of context in the least...I think. Peaceful protesters are not detained.....this was not arrest as we have insufficient information to determine that. What led up to this scene would be of more interest I think. A scene very common at these G20 meetings and I have seen more violence at others hosted in other countries.

Posted: 09/28/09, 2:40 am
by RedRage
even if it was military, the local national guard was called up to help out with security.

I would for sure be more interested in what led up to it.

Posted: 09/28/09, 8:39 am
by JohnT
Read the YouTube comments there are several versions. All plausible.

Posted: 09/29/09, 3:22 pm
by Gerry
Just so we are clear. I did not know if it was military. There was a question mark after that. I only knew that it was "guys in army attire", and by that I meant "camo".

> Number two...police use unmarked's a well-known.

I know, it was just part of a list of things that together didn't look right.

> Peaceful protesters are not detained.....this was not arrest as we have insufficient information to determine that.

Well arrest is the act of being legally taken into custody. As far as I knew, you legally can't just grab somebody without arresting them. Under normal circumstances this involves being cuffed by police officers and read your rights. This guy was not cuffed before being shoved into the back of that car by four guys who didn't look like police officers. To me this didn't look like an arrest at all, it looked like an abduction. It would be great to see what lead up to this, but even still the part that was shown didn't make sense. Why wasn't he cuffed?

Posted: 09/29/09, 3:32 pm
by Gerry
Interesting vid I found linked from the one above:

Posted: 09/29/09, 6:24 pm
by bob
I was hoping it would show heads exploding too, like in Scanners

Posted: 09/29/09, 8:47 pm
by Gerry

Posted: 09/29/09, 11:18 pm
by bob
Here's the scanners scene

Police in St. Louis recently settled a lawsuit over actions harassing protesters here ... rotesters/

Posted: 09/30/09, 12:36 am
by JohnT
I think they should have closed the car door before they tried to shove him in :lol: :lol: :lol: It looks like a clear-cut case of sexual assaut. 8)
They didn't cuff him because they wanted to back-seat waterboard him to reveal why he was wearing a T-shirt that was imprinted with "Mugabe Sucks". 8)

Posted: 09/30/09, 1:55 am
by Gerry
It will be funny until it's not John, but then it will be too late.

Posted: 09/30/09, 3:28 pm
by RedRage
the bad thing about peaceful protests is that they often end up not so peaceful in the end because some one from on side of the line or other gets crazy.

At least here you can organize one with out too much hassle as long as it is planned properly.