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Posted: 11/23/08, 11:53 am
by Thizda
rootkits are what everyone should be alarmed about

They almost impossible to detect,it's spyware and malware combined,it mails it's self and to other people,wrecks your computer,and also leaves it vurnable to hacking, so people can steal all ur docs,personal info,ect....

i had one once,and trust me,THERE NOT GOOD

if you get one and don't deal with it your very likely to get hacked.
It's one of the most dangerous viruses out there,maybe the most

Posted: 11/23/08, 3:51 pm
by RedRage
its funny that they call them rootkits on windows now. for those few on this site that don't know, root is the superuser (windows equiv. to Administrator) on *nix base systems. rootkits where/are little apps that get installed on those systems that give others superuser control.

In windows terms a rootkit seems just to be just a trojan, maybe alittle more advanced.

It seems that the industry somehow grouped the Virus, Trojans, Spyware and Adware into one big group called malware now they're separating them again.

Doesn't really matter I guess but could be confusing to some. And frustrating to people like for abusing the name root!