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Posted: 01/09/07, 10:09 pm
by RedRage
PHP_Secure v0.1.2
New Script to block the "Bad Guys" as they are attacking your system! I call it PHP_Secure you can call it what ever you want (including a Piece of Shit) I don't really care. What this script does is parses your /var/log/secure log file using PHP looking for bad logins. If there are 10 or more bad logins from the same IP address in a single day it will add that IP Address to an IPTables script and reload your firewall.

This script comes with no support, no warrenty of any kind. It is more of a "demo" for you to base your own scripts off of even though it is fully functional if used properly. If you should use this script for anything at all, please credit me with a link somewhere (really don't care where but somewhere google bot will see it is nice LOL).

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Posted: 01/09/07, 11:52 pm
by bob
I'll give it a nice blurb on Shell City shortly, Red....

Posted: 01/10/07, 6:02 pm
by RedRage
lol just found "a bug".. basically something i didnt' think would ever happen.. will be fixed in a few.

Posted: 01/11/07, 3:16 pm
by RedRage
D'oh my fixed caused another bug... fixed again lol.

good thing I really don't care or I would be mad