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Posted: 09/07/06, 12:42 am
by AndrewB
Bob, here's a cool web site slash Firefox Extension that could go on a daily update:

Freenigma (Beta). This is a web site and companion Firefox extension that enables you to encrypt and decrypt your emails with any major webmail site (Yahoo!, MSN, Gmail, etc.). It's currently in beta, but works pretty well, and I've seen no significant problems with it so far. If you feel like it, you can try it out by getting an account, then emailing me at and I'll email you back for fun and profit! (Fun at least)

Posted: 09/07/06, 3:07 am
by bob
thanks, Andy--just put it on the list

Posted: 09/07/06, 3:19 am
by AndrewB
Cool. It's standard PGP/GPG public key encryption, but it's portable and easy to use, unlike other implementations. BTW, I use the Enigma extension for Thunderbird for my POP3 mail.