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Posted: 01/11/05, 11:31 am
by bob
Verizon's E-Mail Embargo Enrages

Verizon Communications customers expecting e-mail from across the pond may be in for a long wait. The internet service provider has been blocking e-mail originating from Great Britain and other parts of Europe for weeks, and customers are upset about having their communications disrupted without notice.

Verizon began blocking ranges of IP addresses belonging to British and European ISPs on Dec. 22, according to the company. The blacklisting of e-mail from abroad was in response to spam coming from the region, according to a customer service representative at Verizon who identified himself only as "Gary." He said company policy prevents him from giving out his last name.....,1272,6 ... tw=rss.TOP

According to the article, Verizon is going through a "learning curve" regarding spam blocking. Bullshit! Like any 13 year old couldn't see the consequences of such a draconian policy....

Posted: 01/11/05, 6:05 pm
by Gerry
How long till there is a new site.... "Gmail for the Verizon customers".

Posted: 01/13/05, 9:56 am
by RedRage
On a few of my servers i block many overseas networks. face it many regions/isps do not have SPAM regulations. I do not like my resources being wasted because of irresponsable ISP's. Its more of a problem for the overseas people than it is for verizon. if they correct the spamissue verizon would prolly remove the ban.

Posted: 01/13/05, 10:59 am
by bob
Guys, go check out Red's site... His and his friends' adventures at the legendary Loomis....

Be sure to hit the Comix, the Forum, and the Gift Shop. If these guys were more organized.... well hell, they're already dangerous...

Posted: 01/19/05, 11:28 am
by RedRage
hahaha thanks for the plug