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Vista & 7 toolbars

Posted: 07/10/09, 8:10 pm
by redserpent7

I am a C++ developer and currently I'm trying to grasp the Microsoft Shell extensions API's... I have been able to create a simple Namespace extension that holds folders and files as favorites. everything worked brilliantly on XP. the problem was when I tried to use my NSE on Vista.

On Vista, when I open my NSE the vista toolbar shows only the help button. However, clicking the damn button does not do anything. On 7 I was shocked to see that when I used my NSE the whole toolbar was visible but clicking any button did not do anything. Only the side view pane worked. Other buttons like Organize and view did not show any lists and the Uninstall button did not start the application manager.

I was wondering if anyone knows if Microsoft has released special API's for the new toolbars and on what SDK should I work to enable handle those button. Or if someone knows if there is a way to disable the toolbar completely, meaning that the toolbar wont show when I start my NSE.

I would appreciate any help on this matter.

Posted: 07/17/09, 8:07 pm
by bob
You might try the virtual plastic message board too....

Posted: 07/19/09, 6:03 am
by redserpent7
bob wrote:You might try the virtual plastic message board too....
Thx man will try it out and see

Posted: 08/04/09, 10:53 pm
by Don_U
All that stuff is API obviously and MS Vista is nothing but APIs not much was coded at the core. They probably blew your code when they coded vista
because of changes in shell32.dll. Suggest this app.

Shows the pathology of what is going on.