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Posted: 04/06/09, 8:32 pm
by SOD
CSS is interesting never has failed to amaze me as
a complex language. Using selectors to cipher the top down nature yields if CSS value is inherited or not.

Creepy IE 6 still being it self. I wonder if people who are still using 6 are also people who don't use a computer much. There is just a huge number of them to offset their inactivity.

Posted: 04/06/09, 9:27 pm
by SOD
Use of Adjacent selectors creates an explicit nature
reducing unwanted interaction...better than a class or id.

application of inheritance is a mess...

Posted: 04/06/09, 10:34 pm
by SOD
IE 7 still lags behind sigh...trying ie 8

Posted: 04/06/09, 11:00 pm
by SOD
Bullshit I don't know what the criteria for passing the "acid test" is but it can't be much. Adjacent selectors still fail. IE8 is IE6 you can't paint dog shit grey and call it a rock, it still stinks.

Posted: 04/07/09, 1:50 pm
by Dark Shadow

It loves CSS3. In fact Opera 10 is leading the pack in that regard.

Posted: 04/07/09, 10:55 pm
by SOD
FF Op and safari do the job. I wrote a page using
adjacent and descendant selectors. Not a class or id in it. I developed it using the above browsers as a benchmark. I'm so tired of IE getting in the way. They support their products and that's about it.

There should be a website where alternatives are discussed and applied. Something all these crusading big time web developers should do. The library system uses FF here for everything. It is time others make the switch. Opera is an excellent alternative. I develop with IE 5.5 6 7 8 latest of FF Op and Safari. This was the first foray into IE8.

I should have known something was a miss when the browser came with its own ketchup size packet of Vaseline.:P

Posted: 04/07/09, 11:05 pm
by Dark Shadow
SOD wrote: I should have known something was a miss when the browser came with its own ketchup size packet of Vaseline.:P
Lol SOD.

CSS is really awesome in many ways, however, CSS3 should not be actively developed into any websites at the moment as the standard is still being developed as we speak. According to the compatibility tables, IE8 seems to pass all of the CSS2 tests so you probably want to learn CSS3 but keep your development to CSS2 till it becomes more standardized.

Posted: 04/08/09, 1:08 am
by SOD
IE DOES NOT PASS screw with selectors you will see. I don't develop with CSS3 yet.

The spec I use:

Here is one you gotta love XML with a XHTML namespace is more stable with CSS than HTML 4.01 with CSS is. Oh I should be documenting this this is just wild.

Is time we kick the "designers" to the curb and let the engineers tell the designers what works. Their half assed approach to all things markup has got to
to be put in its place. You don't hire a decorator to build a house.

FYI I do markup development/research for a living.

Posted: 04/08/09, 3:21 am
by Dark Shadow
Ahh, well in that case...

I'm not a CSS buff right now. Never really sat down and did more than make it work with divs and such. I've got my CSS book sitting here waiting for me to pick it up and learn something cool but I'm a real meat and potatos guy myself. Functionality over style so most of my projects get style as a tertiary consideration or I pass that portion off to a dedicated design department. And yes, it may be old-school but I like to design with tables. CSS2 functionality looks awesome and it probably will revolutionize the way I do things once I sit down and resign myself that I need to upgrade the way I do things.

Posted: 04/08/09, 9:41 am
by SOD
3 out of four browsers support it properly at least most of it. Selectors are a huge part of it.

We have a culture of "design types" that use XHTML and CSS but do not validate it nor do they apply it right. The big thing is well formed but not valid. Which is a social situation that permeates our life and times.

Interesting thing is while many vendors offer open source code they do not write applications thet allow your information to be open source. You have to go spelunking with the likes of javascript (yikes) and the simple DOM. There is another way to approach the DOM but they do not want you to know about it. They wish to make money off your thoughts so they keep them and you on a leash.
But I digress...

Posted: 04/09/09, 9:45 am
by SOD
Good article on table/div layouts. I really don't think
HTML5 will solve things Dark. The contradiction is that HTML is a single document system that we have used to emulate graphic design. It will always be a compromise. ... -div-hell/