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Flash Mass-Upload Script

Posted: 03/25/09, 2:08 am
by Dark Shadow
This is fantastic. By far the best simple, integrated solution I have found that is both free and feature filled. I recently developed a PHP app for another project and used this:
And FYI, I was able to work around the whole 2GB limit with some clever PHP coding similar to what I did for the Uptime project.

And for those who don't care about free, want Drag-n-drop and integrated editing/thumnail creation:

Posted: 03/25/09, 2:34 am
by Gerry
Wow, that's pretty great Dark! It's made me re-evaluate how I'm going to do a project I'm currently working on.

Posted: 03/25/09, 5:22 am
by Dark Shadow
Glad I could help! I'm going to modify this script: ... index.html
with the SWFupload library to create a pretty awesome public file hosting system.

Posted: 03/25/09, 8:09 am
by Dark Shadow
By the way Bob... this freebie should totally be in the database here at SC. It is too good.

Posted: 03/25/09, 6:36 pm
by bob
Got it booked, Dark. Thanks....

Posted: 03/26/09, 5:47 am
by RedRage
didn't see a demo of it anywhere?

i'd consider replacing the ajax one i made for if i could see it.

Posted: 03/26/09, 5:50 am
by Dark Shadow