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I gots questions

Posted: 05/23/08, 12:37 am
by SOD
If XML is not supposed to read by humans then why are most date time formats used by atom XML format and others human readable but not machine readable in a native form?

heh heh they give you the date and time but it is not serial slowing serialized queries. LOL the node is serialized the info context is not...funny stuff.

I'll have more questions.....8)

Posted: 05/23/08, 1:10 am
by SOD
Why are "web designers" continually creating invalid XHTML docs?

Is it that they won't validate or they can't?

Are they afraid of showing ppl that XHTML
written properly and saved as a XML mime type creates
a doc that can be processed with XSL.

Posted: 05/29/08, 1:30 am
by SOD
Why do web pundits find namespaces wong or difficult ?

This is a two part question :shock:

Why do programmers create scope and proof based on agenda and not postulate?

Just Askin...

Posted: 05/30/08, 8:30 pm
by SOD
Why do the web design "hip" always refer to things small as mini or micro?

Posted: 06/04/08, 9:44 am
by JohnT
Probably the same reason "old lechers" like me prefer womens fashion in the "mini" and "micro" arena...."Why go small, when you can go smaller.

Posted: 06/25/08, 9:36 am
by SOD
If 93% of the web misuses HTML 4.01 what makes anyone think ppl will use HTML 5 correctly?

Posted: 06/25/08, 7:40 pm
by JohnT
7% :wink:

Posted: 06/25/08, 9:09 pm
by SOD
You know John, there is no prize for this. :P

Posted: 06/26/08, 9:37 am
by JohnT
Ok...then overkill by 1...8 :lol:

Posted: 06/26/08, 10:46 pm
by SOD

Posted: 07/05/08, 11:42 am
by SOD
Why do "web designers" feel as though they are the alpha and omega of the web?

Posted: 07/05/08, 1:14 pm
by JohnT
Is this a survey question? :P