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Site Rubix online website creator

Posted: 10/10/07, 7:19 am
by AndrewB
Here's a potential add to the Daily Rotation, Bob:

Title: Site Rubix


Unlimited Sites

Supports Unlimited Domains

Media Management (Screenshots, Images, Videos)

Drag & drop functionality

Personalized Site, Media, & Current Events Dashboard

Built in FTP Program for easy File Transfer to a Web Server

Turn Key Affiliate Program

Video & Text Help Tutorials

Simple Component, Page & Site Duplication

Template Swapping

Banner / Header Swapping

Dynamic, Dragable Menus

Web Hosting is Included

Simple Page Layout Insertion

Site Management / Page Management

The Ability to take instant Screenshots of any Website

WYSIWYG Text Editing (What You See is What You Get)

Easy Squeeze Page Creation

Easily Export Entire Sites to Your Desktop

I've mucked around with it just briefly so far (I've been using the company's existing Wealthy Affiliate for about 5 mos and have been satisfied with it. Now both products are integrated for the featured $29.95/mo. This is technically a web service, not that anyone here couldn't already figure that much out.

One can also earn some commissions promoting the product, which is why you'll notice my affiliate links above. However, I'm not posting here for the $, and Bob can feel free to take advantage of this however he wants ;).

Also please see my post on Swiftfox for another potential update feature.

Posted: 10/11/07, 12:39 am
by bob
Not following you andy... Why Daily Rotation? I don't see a news feed... Also not for Shell City -- not free!

Posted: 10/12/07, 5:08 am
by AndrewB
I meant Daily Update- hey I haven't been here in a while give me a break! 8-) Also you're right about the cost. If they offer a free trial I'll let you know.

Posted: 10/13/07, 1:23 am
by bob
Luv ya' Andrew.... Just didn't follow you... Thanks in any case....

Posted: 10/23/07, 7:49 am
by AndrewB
NP it was late at night 8-)