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Bad headline

Posted: 12/07/10, 12:51 am
by Gerry
This link was #12 in the top headlines list: ... op_stories_

@Bob: Makes you fill in an annoying form before seeing the article and then at the end of the form tells me I can now view premium content. However I refresh the article page and it's still asking me to fill in the same form.

Just letting you know, not asking you to do anything about it.

Posted: 12/07/10, 3:26 am
by bob
we'll see. Infoworld is frequently in the top 10. I haven't seen a need to register before. I know New Scientist sometimes has one, and it's in the top 10 often too. Maybe I should de-emphasize those sites. We'll see. keep me informed of your observations, and I'll keep my eyes open too.