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Posted: 04/25/09, 3:20 am
by JohnT
Why was the link to Fast Explorer removed from the Daily Update? Found the link in a site search, but was just curious.

Posted: 04/26/09, 3:38 pm
by bob
The page linked to was trying to download malware (not the program, the site). I got a couple complaints, and tested it. Yep. Watch out for the pop-up. (I think that's where it is.) I don't remember whether it was Avast or Spybot's Tea Timer on my system that alerted me. The malware was Casalemedia. Can't say about the program itself.

One message I received:

"The Fast Explorer website ( was classified as harmful (malware) by my browser (I use SRWare Iron (, Win XP Professional SP3, Kaspersky Anti Virus 8)."

Posted: 04/26/09, 10:19 pm
by Dark Shadow
Sometimes the old versions of the swfobject.js script trigger that alarm for whatever reason. Had that problem with a few sites shortly before Adobe purchased Macromedia and released their 'official' version of the swfobject.js.

Or it could be malware trying to download, I'd have to see the error for myself though. Could you post the link?

Posted: 04/27/09, 12:48 am
by bob

Posted: 04/27/09, 3:29 am
by Dark Shadow
Looks like there is an exploit trying to run from a .cn website when the page loads. My guess is that the owner doesn't realize that his site has been hacked.

I didn't see the code for it in the source, which makes me think that the exploit comes from either a redirection of an embedded object or from a frame.

Posted: 04/27/09, 10:55 am
by Gerry
Hmmm... I'm not getting any popups. I actually wanted to see this exploit. :(