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Linux Questions.

Posted: 05/01/09, 10:08 am
by Mandy
Hi, I am thinking on switching to Ubuntu Linux. I have some questions. Is it a good os? How is it compared to XP? Will it run faster on my computer compared to 2000/XP? Anything else i should know before switching? Thanks.

PS: I am an advanced computer user.

Posted: 05/01/09, 1:18 pm
by RedRage
Linux in general has a high learning curve.

I love it for all my server and dev work stations. however i stick with vista or xp on my home system because the few games i play just work better. Also I have a hard time giving up Adobe CS3 which doesn't work with linux at this time. The alternatives work ok just hard to get used too.

I only use Slackware Linux any more If you really want to learn linux with out building it yourself this is the best option. HOWEVER: if you want it to work out of the box, Ubuntu or Fedora is a better option.

Posted: 05/03/09, 7:03 pm
by Gerry
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Posted: 05/30/09, 3:39 am
by willowregular
Hey Mandy,
to answer your questions about switching to Ubuntu: even though Ubuntu is a good os, I would not recommend getting rid of xp. Like one of the above posts mentioned, there is a lot to learn and Ubuntu is not going to be that much fun for most people. Yes, you can play music, surf the internet, and do most any word processing activities on it, but anything else will require a lot of patience and time. A good night might be descirbed like this, "After 3 nights of attempting to find and install my creative audio drivers, i finally found a forum where someone else had the same hardware as me and now I can finally get sound from my 2 rear speakers!! Nice..."

But don't worry Mandy, you don't need to install Ubuntu. You can simply run it in Live mode. Just boot from the Ubuntu CD and select the top option, something like "Try Ubuntu without making any changes to my system."
It will run from the cd and ram and as long as you leave the partitioning/install options alone you will be fine. You will have access to all non-ecrypted xp partitions and be able to see everything.
Even if you want to install Ubuntu permanetely, you can still keep XP using a dual boot install. You can google "dual boot ubuntu and xp" and find instructions for this.

Posted: 05/30/09, 10:16 pm
by Gerry
Not to say Ubuntu doesn't have issues, it does, but I've had just as many with Windows (probably a lot more). The difference is that on Ubuntu they were much easier to solve due to the openness of the system and the amount of support available on every issue I had and when they are fixed they are actually fixed instead of just being worked around like I often had to do on Windows.

Most importantly though is the superior system you end up with after you learn it. My system is vastly more powerful and configurable than if I was running Windows and better looking than if I were to run OSX.... oh yeah, and free.

ps. Mandy is a spam bot