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charter cable at my buddiesdisconnects after an hour on mypc

Posted: 06/15/08, 1:51 am
by sir_maxo
yeah on my computer only

whether it is hardwired

or wireless

and through wireless its secured wep with a password

anyone know what gives

my pc has never done this before at my other friends houses or mine

and it doesnt do this to any of his pcs

oh and another thing that bugs me about my dell inspiron 1501 xp operating system laptop is that if i don't get connected to hi speed net upon started immediately it won't connect at all until i have it to where it connects at startup..

can't reconnect ever unless i restart


Posted: 06/15/08, 3:46 am
by bob
I know you're using Charter - I've had this problem with my charter connection from time to time too, and renewing ip does no good. I'm thinking the problem is with charter and not your connection, sir. I wonder if you have any other heavy users close by, since cable capacity diminishes the more users take advantage of its capacity. I.E., there's only so much capacity on the pipe to go around.

Posted: 06/15/08, 4:13 pm
by sir_maxo
well it doesn't do it on my buddies pc over here or his other pc

just mine !??!?!?!