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Dumb question - forgive me

Posted: 06/18/06, 5:45 pm
by kenray
Please dont laugh - but - if i take a double-ended USB cord and stick one end of it in the USB port of my laptop, then take the other end and stick it into my desktop, will the desktop computer be able to "see" the files on the laptop>?

I saw a double female USB cord in the dollar store with a visual depiction of this connection on it's cover (and some chinese script that was not very helpful).

Desktop is win2k pro, laptop is xp home.

Don't wanna try this without asking someone...

please advise, thanks!

Posted: 06/24/06, 2:51 pm
by Gerry
I don't know (doubt it).... but what's wrong with a crossover cable?
kenray wrote:I saw a double female USB cord in the dollar store with a visual depiction of this connection on it's cover
Interesting, are you sure it was just a USB cord?

Posted: 07/03/06, 6:15 pm
by kenray
the dumb experiment:

I went and bought the cable (for a dollar).
One end into the USB port of Laptop A, and one end into the USB port of laptop B.


I'm out $1.06, and i have a weird new necklace!

New Dumb Question:

what is a crossover cable?

Posted: 07/03/06, 8:26 pm
by bob
Well, you might have to do something more than plug in the cable, Ken.... and you might need another bit of equipment ... bmain.html

Posted: 07/04/06, 5:04 pm
by Gerry
kenray wrote:what is a crossover cable?
A cross over cable is a cable that allows you to connect one computer directly to another. All the computers need is a network card (or network capabilities build into the mother board).

So if both computers have one of these ports somewhere on the box: ... t-port.jpg

then you can go into your local hardware store and ask where they keep the cat 5 crossover cable. Take it home, plug one end into the port on one computer and the other end into the port on the second computer. You should then have a network and be able to send files between the two computers via that.

Posted: 07/05/06, 1:25 am
by kenray
ok Gerry, i am so totally gonna give that a try!

thanks for the hand holding!

Posted: 07/05/06, 11:25 am
by RedRage
I second the crossover option. Cheaper and more reliable when useing different OS's

If you plan on keeping this for an extended period though i would invest in a switch. They're getting pretty cheap now days. Plus it will give you the option of adding more later, say you have a friend over who has a laptop and needs internet access or something.