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Posted: 02/03/02, 7:11 am
by JohnT
Well, my primary went _____ up. (fill in the blank, with an expletive of choice). So, I'm winging it on my secondary I use for backups (2 gig). Needless to say there is not much to load on 2 gigs, so I temporarily returned to that OS of yesteryear, 95OSR (100mb install). Wasn't much of a debate, between it and 98SE. Didn't remember how fast this thing was. Well, nothing to do but wait for the IRS check to come back and be back in business. U-m-m-m might be just the excuse for a new box. <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif">

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Posted: 02/03/02, 9:55 am
by bob
Ahhh sure... what the hell... A new modern drive of 60 or so gigs is close to 1/4 the cost of an acceptable box.... buy it stripped down and just reup your current vid, sound, etc....

Posted: 02/04/02, 1:47 am
by JohnT
That's what I figure. Already have new cards, so really not much more to buy than a drive and a motherboard.

Posted: 02/04/02, 5:17 am
by bob
Don't forget the cpu.....

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Posted: 02/04/02, 6:38 am
by JohnT
Waz zat ?

Posted: 02/05/02, 5:02 pm
by Dark Shadow
Note: If you've burned out the first sector of the hard drive you CAN use it as a slave still, but never again as the primary. Hook it up as a slave and see if it still works... might want to use it as a backup or something.

Posted: 02/06/02, 5:25 am
by JohnT
I know that one , but thanks. Since writing the above the problem has been allocated to the motherboard (tried three other drives). First inkling was a post a week or so ago when I made reference to my cd drive not being recognized, then yesterday my floppy wouldn't be recognized until I re-booted. Now it's at the point that by the time I boot up, get on the net, the hd is thrashing constantly. Sometimes it boots and the bios screen shows no drives recognized, then it gives me a "No drives present". Booted with a 98 boot disk, without cd-rom support and tried to fdisk and "No drives present". Went into CMOS setup and it wouldn't detect by auto or keep, manually entered geometry. CMOS battery is good as every other setting saves and the clock is working. So motherboard shopping.

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