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Posted: 12/31/01, 11:18 am
by dinobutt
So has anybody here tried BeOs? I only just learned of it, and am astonished at all the good things I've heard -- and that it still went under. Looks like pathetically bad strategies on their part, along with a pretty good OS. Any impresssions?

Posted: 12/31/01, 3:20 pm
by theelf
I tried it several versions back and was unable to get my graphics card to work with it. I have been playing with the last version and it is shows great improvement. Everything works great although its needs a good browser and a good resource editor. From what I've been reading there may still be some hope that it will continue.

Posted: 12/31/01, 3:23 pm
by bob

Posted: 01/01/02, 5:38 am
by SOD
Hey Dino:
Do you have dial up or broadband? Why not try Linux? To bad about BeOs I played with it for a while never seemed complete...

Posted: 01/01/02, 5:41 am
by SOD
Yes Bob, its Dino.....
The articulate grammar in his profile gives him away
Happy Holidays Dino <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">

Posted: 01/01/02, 6:00 am
by bob
As soon as he verifies it, I'll put him on the Senior Citizen... uh... Senior Member list

Posted: 01/01/02, 8:50 am
by JohnT
You can get the latest version here for a ridiculously low price.......<a href=" ... 0">Here</a>

Posted: 01/01/02, 12:52 pm
by Guest
Uh, 'Tis I, dinobry, dinobrisquette, dinobrewski, etc..., and I see I can't freely mutate anymore with the new message board. That's all right. I'm still mutating over here whether you can see it or not.
Impulsive little s--t that I am, I picked up Borders Books' last copy of BeOS Pro at their post-Xmas sale. I was really impressed with many things I've heard about it. And with the fact that Palm bought them out for a big 11 million clams! Bad, bad story; tough luck, bad marketing tactics. (So it is just as well that a handheld computer company should pick up the best(?) commercial OS for a song. I hope they run with it in that arena because perhaps soon a majority of our handhelds are going to be MS machines running portal software, so more competition would be merrier.)
What really blows my little mind is how much of their structure just vanished overnight. Their own website is now a half-dozen news releases concerning the merger. No support whatsoever! The main site for 3rd-party wares, BeBits, has shut down their store, and only keeps the index up (You can still go to many of the homepages, though many of them don't provide the BeOS port any more.) All the dozen or so links to BeOS hardware compatibility lists that I tried all sent me to the Be Inc site, which is kaput. I have found one remaining FTP site to dl the free personal edition, which used to be available from the Be site and many others(50mg).

And they only concluded the deal with Palm in November! But I wasn't really watching, I guess.
Their final release presumably had cdrom burning software onboard, and could read Linux or FAT partitions out of the box. Sound good? Sound like an effort at overcoming some of that tedious bulls--that take away time from being human? That's the problem of course. We are rapidly approaching the singularity, and MUST STAY THE COURSE YOU LITTLE S---TS! Oh, excuse me.

Posted: 01/01/02, 12:59 pm
by bob
Well, Dino--get yourself a password and you're a senior member (based on posts on the prior board).... Glad you're back, and thanks for the Story of Be...

Posted: 01/01/02, 1:27 pm
by dinobutt
Well, to add to my little story of BeOS then, it looks like there developed a smal cult of Shoutcast enthusiast who took advantage of BeOS's multithreading nature and its apparent strengths in media software, and they sold cds point-n-click for 10 clams with the BeOS PE and some audio mixing and shoutcast software, at:

And one of the biggest enclaves remaining of BeOS enthusiasts is in Nippon:

Looks to me like this was one good OS for people who like to work with sound or multimedia, and I still intend to give it a try. I've always wanted to digitally remaster/mix audio on a desktop computer, and this looks like it may be a decent route for that. Too bad I can't find a $$%%#% supported hardware list though.

Invade areas where nothing's definite (John Cage).

Posted: 01/02/02, 6:41 am
by theelf
One of the slick things with the Personal Edition is that once it is installed you can run the installer from within BeOS and do an install to a whole partition instead of being limited to just 500mb. It then in effect becomes the Professional Edition. You can then install the updates. Adding the Developers Packages gives you the tools to make changes to the system. I'm still playing with altering the GUI. Fun stuff

Posted: 01/02/02, 8:27 am
by bob
The personal edition is available from one of the Desktopian links... 45 megs

Posted: 01/02/02, 12:35 pm
by dinobutt
You guys are great!
In fact, it appears that I have found, thanks to Bub, an archived copy of Be's website, hdware compatibility and all, <b><a href=" ... /a></b><br>

And yeees indeed, the Desktopian, a site I have neglected, has a really good linklist for BeOS stuff, including a more comprehensive hardware(unofficial) <b><a href="">here.</a></b><br>

So far, it is really weak looking as regards the teeny list of compatible hardwares. I don't know yet if I have a single sound card that will do the trick. Seems they just abandoned all the old stuff, like ISA hardware right off the bat. Seems that the word at Be's old page seemed to be, just try it and see; the personal edition is so easy to install, it's the easiest way of knowing.

Cheers. the dinobry

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Posted: 01/02/02, 3:06 pm
by dinobutt
Very brief summary(So far):

_OK, it was a 20 minute install, and did support my SB-16 ISA, or at least in a limited fashion. Seems like a breeze to use, so far.
It let me know that it could not write with my cd burner, after trying to.
It did not hesitate to tell me right away that it was not compatible w/ my video card, and would only work in lo res greyscale.
_One of the neat features of the OS is that it auto-converts .cda to .wav, and apparently you then have the option of playing, saving and editing them as such. It would not play songs on a commercial audio cd as .cda, and I think the sound quality may suffer as a result (?) but at least it would still play them as waves. I could drag-n-drop mp3's and the wave versions of my B-52's songs onto the audio player no problem.
_It recognized and had no problem with my Symbios PCI SCSI card and read everything quickly. Read all my scsi drives right away.
_It also mounted all my FAT partitions(IDE and SCSI)with 2 clicks, and then I could read and edit them immediately.
_OK, so much for my whining about it not working with ISA. They do not list any ISA hdwre in the compatibility lists I think, but some items will work, it appears. I don't know why it would not play .cda as such, but one of the things that attracted me was the autoconversion feature anyway.
_So far, it looks like a great OS. Does not require too much 'monkeying around under the hood' to make it work at least initially. And I was indeed up and running inside of 30 min. Not bad.
_I do notice that one of the supported video cards is the PCI Matrox Millenium. I may well change to that just for grins.

Cheers, dinobrat

Posted: 01/07/02, 10:01 am
by Guest
I instlled it last night, and yes, it did suport the Matrox millenium card, and yes, it was a very easy install. As of yet, it appears to be an OS with a lot of really good ideas, and not a very full implementation of them. Kind of like the level of development comparable in some ways to, oh, Win95A, or an older linux.

I can't really say that much yet, but I did manage to fully crash the OS, while twiddling the knobs on an audio editor beta. However, while trying various other audio beta apps, I found that as unstable as they may be, they didn't take the whole system down when I took them through their normal paces and they crashed repeatedly.

And it does appear to be a really intuitive, speedy environment. Really easy to config various settings. You have to download cut and paste as add-ons. As you do for a global volume control. Just has a few good ideas you don't see in Win or Linux, and lacking some that are clearly good in either. It is really too bad that they haven't had a chance to evolve the thing further.