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Free Domain Appraisal tool

Posted: 10/25/11, 9:30 pm
by RedRage
I wrote a basic domain appraisal tool again like the expired domains, was for personal use but might as well let everyone use it.

It does some basic checks like how many letters, numbers, the TLD and a handful of other checks.

It is just an estimator and should NOT be used in a bargaining process. This can be used for quick checks to give you an idea and also for fun :-)

Posted: 10/25/11, 11:10 pm
by bob
what's the word count variable, Red?

Posted: 10/25/11, 11:50 pm
by RedRage
how many words in the domain. some domains can be funny though like could be considered 1 word or two. so what ever it is in context.

GPR is google pagerank if people didn't know.

Posted: 10/26/11, 3:26 am
by bob
what's the basis for the dollar amounts?

Posted: 10/26/11, 7:53 am
by Gerry
You planning on making it auto fetch the page rank?

Posted: 10/26/11, 11:54 am
by RedRage
Gerry wrote:You planning on making it auto fetch the page rank?

Not at this time. There is a limit to how many Google Queries you can do with out an API key before they get mad, I am near that already with other scripts I run. Google is rather unforgiving.

I'll take another look at it though, maybe there is a 3rd party tool that can do it.

bob wrote:what's the basis for the dollar amounts?

with out getting in too much detail...

first the domain registration fee. a .com costs around $12 to register so it gets a base value of $12. A .info usually costs $2 so it starts at $2. a .jobs domain is around $140 so it starts at $140.

Next it checks how many chars are in the domain (not including the TLD). Generally speaking a 3 letter domain is more valuable than a 24 letter.

It checks how many numbers are in a domain. for each number there is a deduction in value based on the number a chars. a 4 char domain with 3 numbers is generally far less valuable than a 4 letter word domain.

Hyphens are another deduction.

(fairly important note, hyphens and numbers rarely effect your Google and other search engine ranking)

Word checks are pretty basic. a 1 word domain is far more valuable than a 3 word. acronyms are generally ok but not great.

There are times where a 3 word 20 char domain is pretty good but often depends on SEO and marketing. This is where GPR and Alexa Ranking come in. Their ranking should of set the minimal losses of numbers, hyphens or what have you.

GPR and Alexa ranking can be manipulated to a point but gets a bit harder to after you reach GPR 5 and traffic rank of around 1million. that is where larger numbers start to trickle in

A few things I would've liked to add is a back link check, GPR check and a dictionary for words so as not to rely on user honesty.

Posted: 10/28/11, 5:47 am
by Gerry
You seen this?

Regarding the google limit, would caching the results help or is there not much repetition of the domains that are queried?

Posted: 10/28/11, 7:15 pm
by RedRage
yeah but the demo did not work so i didn't go any further