RDF Bullshit

Hack your OS, customize your GUI, announce great software, and configure, configure, configure...
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RDF Bullshit

Post by Don_U » 12/05/10, 12:50 pm

looking at RDF Good Relations Ns to markup a clients
semantic profile.

Ya gotta be kidding me...

She is in Wash D.C. but for all that markup you would never know it. There is no place to describe the county, district, hamlet, etc. WTF!

I see xml site maps that don't update and and their frequency says daily.

How 'bout less markup more detail and let USER NEED drive namespaces. That was the idea to be able to describe information.

It has turned into being driven by 'leadership' and not its need to provide useful simple data descriptions.

I have seen a pathological personality type that when a group meets it does not talk of the demands of the information or purpose of meeting without first wanting a leadership ladder. These ladders are great for mediocrity and staying in one place but don't do a f'ing thing for information.
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