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Command line

Posted: 11/12/10, 2:56 am
by Don_U
This is nifty.

@Bob there is a singularity to how ubuntu works.
I NEEDED a spell checker saw nothing available went to the ubuntu package manager first, noticed aspell was installed the pkg manager included a link to the GNU docs consumed the manual and in 10 minutes I know more than I want to know about spell check. Discovery, education, and use on the fly. This adaptability thing is the shits.

Posted: 11/12/10, 8:53 am
by Gerry
It's amazing when you think back how we used to work isn't it SOD? I'm not sure how I ever got anything done back then. I've come up with countless ideas for improving the tech world since switching to Linux. The openness allows you to learn so much more and see what's actually possible. I agree the command line is the bomb, although flexable chaining can also be done though a gui:

On a side note, upon request I've installed ubuntu on my GF's computer and the computer of a female friend of ours. A previous house mate installed it himself for his entertainment box and all of them love it to bits. I've also had requests to install it from my current housemate, one of my good friends and one of my GF's friends. It's amazing to see the growth of people around me. Yet I didn't convince any of them, they were the ones who asked me to install it after seeing me use it.

Posted: 11/12/10, 11:02 am
by bob
Discovery, education, and use on the fly.
That's the whole internet, isn't it? Having the greatest encyclopedia in the history of the world at your fingertips?

Posted: 11/12/10, 4:47 pm
by Don_U
bob wrote:
Discovery, education, and use on the fly.
That's the whole Internet, isn't it? Having the greatest encyclopedia in the history of the world at your fingertips?
Yeah but Ubuntu gets the process. The web is supposed to be this way but is it? The web lacks the ability to do this effectively. Motto for the web is "on error resume next"

Had PHP and apache installed up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Even as we speak Google is turning into two distinct tiers.

Posted: 11/16/10, 7:37 pm
by Gerry
What tiers are this?

Btw, did you know about this Don_U:

Posted: 11/17/10, 10:34 am
by Don_U
Gerry wrote:What tiers are this?

Btw, did you know about this Don_U:
Yes, I did know about Goobuntu.

The tiers I am referring to are socioeconomic and priority based. I recently built a site where I brought the extended web.
(Flicker, Tumblr, Fb and a Google place page)

Here is an example:
The custom woodworking site I just finished and am tuning.

During the slow parts of the day and or week if you search for 'R and S Custom Woodworking location' it produces a nice big map w/phone address etc. The store
or root pops above the map and the other four pages
below it. Fb just below that with flicker below that. Looks like I did my job and returned the expected result.
Without the qualifier 'location' the result is still at the top of the page with social stuff under it.

During peak time (e.g. nights weekends) it produces the smaller gray map disjointed and down the page from the search result Fb will be a page back or so and flicker buried farther back than that.

last weekend they even went so far as to return the original search result now three months old ! The social stuff was also as inconsistent. Now this morning it looks good. By the weekend i'm a thinkin it is going to be fucked up again.

As for the socioeconomic custom woodworking does not come cheap. So even though we are 40 or so miles out of town from an affluent suburb it shows his result as being grouped where people could afford 'custom woodworking'.

Results have become a matter of economic indicators
and load. Not keywords not semantics but cheap good old advertising methods.

A restaurant in town opened recently and Google wanted 365.00/month so that their result would be the first keyword search. This price is not for a sponsored result. They are even more expensive. So much for keywords.

We are in trouble in America. People in Russia thought
socialism was good until it turned into totalitarianism. Capitalism, a good idea too could become totalitarian if we are not careful. Nope not good at all...

Remember our republic and capitalism are two distinct things.

Posted: 11/19/10, 8:53 am
by Gerry
Can't say I've experienced any of that, but I will look out for it.

Btw, if you are really starting to like the command line, then I suggest you switch from Bash to the way more awesome zsh. (or even fishshell which I'm trying out now because I heard it was even better) (might wish to kill the music depending your tastes)