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Hey Red

Posted: 08/31/10, 8:13 am
by Don_U
You posted Drop Box. For Win there is a M$ app called SyncToy. I use it daily to backup a work laptop to a thumb drive. ... laylang=en

Posted: 08/31/10, 7:08 pm
by cuttheredwire
I'm familiar with it a quite a few other similar apps. One even uses FTP and your own server. I haven't seen the official page before, so it's worth a look.

Posted: 09/01/10, 12:26 am
by cuttheredwire
Btw, I added this to my queue. Expect to see it in the near future. I want to encourage suggestions as much as possible. It only helps make my job easier. 8)

Posted: 09/05/10, 4:03 pm
by Don_U

Maybe do some tool kits, you guys were surveying
what you use from day to day that works for you
put that knowledge to work.

Why not publish core applications for a given category?

Posted: 09/06/10, 2:40 am
by cuttheredwire
Ya, the point of that post was to get good ideas for future posts. As for tool kits, I'm not sure what you mean. I think of related tools for a given task. Do you mean a list of tools used by a specific person?

Posted: 09/07/10, 12:35 am
by Don_U
by category of application and by the suggestion form the regulars at the msg. board.