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Google Voice

Posted: 07/07/09, 9:06 pm
by bob
Got my invite to Google Voice today. Still trying it out. I think I can use it to call anywhere free in the US. Course, I always liked Google Talk

Posted: 07/08/09, 8:03 am
by Gerry
That's cool. Let us know any problems that you have with it.

Posted: 07/08/09, 2:23 pm
by RedRage
i got mine yesterday too. was planning on setting it up last night but it was movie night (went and saw the hangover for the third time).

hopefully i can get around to it today. any first impressions?

Posted: 07/08/09, 4:47 pm
by RedRage
ok set it up. but my number is kinda wierd..bout 50mi away from where i am but still local for many people. I cannot wait for a tool bar app for SMS and such. AIM and other IM mobile clients just piss me off to no end lol.