Mounting Devices via network on Windows

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Mounting Devices via network on Windows

Post by Skele » 01/20/09, 9:31 am

Hello there. I'm a programmer, just kinda starting out, and got internet at home the other day. FINALLY! Have been a regular shellcity user for many years though and look forward to making my own contributions soon.

Thing is I have a small network of 2 desktops: my personal system of a couple years and one from my boss for dev work, and the work PC has just about everything except a sound card. What I'd like to do is find a way to mount the DVD-RAM on my work sys to the personal sys as if it was actually installed on it instead of sharing and mapping which treats it like an ordinary folder. Could eventually do it on all the devices creating a single virtual computer...

I use WinXP Pro on both systems. Thought of upgrading to Linux many times but my personal sys doesnt have enough space left (total 20GB HD!) and my boss kinda warned me about making any drastic changes to the work sys... Anyone got any tips or pointers? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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