Our website was taken was hostage...

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Our website was taken was hostage...

Post by Milliemac01 » 11/12/08, 3:53 pm

Hi guys, long time no write! I have a dilemma. I am working for a Community Outreach center, and they hired someone to HOST their website. The person or persons that are hosting it, registered the company's name and the company hosting it as being the contact person and/or owner. They do not OWN their site. they are just HOSTING it. Does someone who HOSTS a sight OWN the website of a company who pays them to host it? Help me out on this.

Now this place I am working for needs to update it and they want to take over hosting it. But this guy who is hosting it won't release it to them unless they pay an obscene amount of money. The same thing has happened to my sister. Someone is hosting her site, and he wants $30,000 to release it to her.

Isn't that extortion? I need a good website download program, preferrably free, that will allow us to download it and then update it in Frontpage or whatever program they are going to use.

I need to know the ethical side of this. Can a company who is hosting hold your site hostage like that? We need to set up a redirect, also, whereas a user would type in the website address, and it would redirect them to a new address created by the company.

Your input would be greatly helpful. We don't want to do anything illegal, but we also are not going to pay an extortionist.

Thanks all.

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Post by RedRage » 11/12/08, 5:53 pm

there was a time when this happened a lot. Businesses decided they wanted a web site so they contact their Local ISP or something. The ISP will register the domain put themselves as the owner contact and build the page. If the business wants to move the page it has to be approved by the ISP. It is kinda like domain squatting.

What you need to do is get control of the domain (clearly) to do so you will need to contact the registrar and file a dispute of owner ship. Each registrar is different but they always charge a fee for disputes. Best bet would be to get a lawyer who specializes in it, but you can also do it yourself ( i never have ).

USED to be you could fax in photo ID, Letter head of the buisness and other information to prove you are from the business. but that was 7 or 8 years ago.

It all depends on the contract too (if there is one)

To find out who the registrar is, do a whois on the domain in question.

The last thing, what I have done... just wait for the domain to expire and try to pick it up again. You can find the expire date in the whois, just remember though the current owner has first dibs.

now just for the page itself. often its easier just to rebuild it using the other as a point of reference. If there are a lot of pages to get, I use wget to download them all. It is a command line download program for Linux but there is a windows port out there. (i think you can find it on shell city)

If the pages are scripts, like php, asp or perl that are generated on the fly.. you will not get the actual script JUST the script output.

I avoid frontpage like the plague. If you need WYSIWYG try dreamweaver :-)

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Post by Gerry » 11/13/08, 11:29 pm

What's the url for the site. It really depends what's running at the back end. If it's all html then sure you can do a copy and paste job, but if there is any contact forms or whatever, it may not be as simple as that.

Yeah it's tough to advise you without seeing the site.

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Post by kenray » 11/14/08, 3:01 pm

a good start is to go to a whois lookup


and see JUST WHO owns the domain. Site files can be replaced...it is the ownership of the domain REGISTRATION that really counts.

Type your domain name in and hit lookup.

Whoever is listed as the ADMIN CONTACT is the "owner" of the domain name.

That's a great place to start...

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