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Script Zombie -- Automate your System Admin Tasks

Post by Nerdcentric » 09/12/08, 5:10 pm


Batch files and scripts are crucial tools for Windows Systems Administrators. Think of the last time that you needed to touch multiple systems in your Windows infrastructure. If you were lucky it involved running a script pulling workstation names from a text—worse, it could have involved visits to individual systems.

Here lies the problem, the traditional scripting functionality in Windows is robust but the limitations start becoming obvious when you involve multiple remote systems.

Enter Script Zombie. This powerful tool, provided free of charge by Nerdcentric Software, allows for advanced functions like spawning a script to 10 remote systems at once. The ability to check network connectivity, pull system information, restart systems, remote desktop, and even check the event viewer on a single or many systems with a few clicks. All of these features without needing a client installation on the remote machine.

Don’t have a current list of the systems on your network? Script Zombie will quickly scan your network and populate the host list for you.

Are you a scripting genius? Script Zombie will pass hostnames to your scripts making site tailored functionality a breeze. To be sure the batch job is completed quickly; the Zombie Engine first checks a remote system verifying it’s online. The Zombie also includes Script Timeout functionality to gracefully end a stalled process.

Script Zombie includes a few sample scripts to get you started and be sure to take advantage of our message forums. Not only as a reference to get help with scripting questions, but also to share cool ideas with colleagues.

With its vast feature set, Script Zombie is a fantastic tool that further empowers a skilled Systems Administrator.

Grab Script Zombie today at:

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