Vista Defrag

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Vista Defrag

Post by grogez » 05/25/07, 12:24 am

What was MS thinking. Some people like to see their hd being defragged.

Best (free) one I've found so far is Iobit SmartDefrag. It has manual, auto and schedule options.

Can't believe I'm finally running Vista.
Can't believe I actually like it.
Can't believe it doesn't sound like it's going to kill four out of six hds on reboot anymore.
Can't believe it wasn't the manufacturer who provided the chipset driver to make it possible.
(Actually didn't read the full story. There was 65 pages of it so I guess I'm not alone)

Pretty bizarre though. Where do I have to go to dl a working chipset driver package component ?

A forum.

Thanks for nothing there, NVidia because God help me, I've lost the url..

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