Setup.exe - Windows 9x only. Help!

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Post by Andy_Shellscape » 02/25/03, 6:08 am

Hey all. I have a setup program ( a series of files with the last character in the filename changed to _ along with setup.exe) which is for an old laser printer. It wont install on windows 2000, i get nasty little message about it not being windows 9x. I know the drivers use the Windows Printing System as well, and i know printers like some lexmark printers still use this. Is there a program that would use the setup's inf to install to windows 2000 or somehow allow me to run the install? Ive already tried about every windows 2000 and windows xp emulation mode. Installing to windows 98 does nothing as it copies a miriad of files into /system/ . The setup also appears to write to several ini files such as win.ini.

Please help!

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