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Posted: 12/15/14, 4:09 am
by Melkor
I have never been much of a talker here but I have lurked many a year. Shellcity has been my homepage on my desktop for more than a decade. It has been a constant companion, serving up fabulous freeware (and sometimes slightly broken freeware) all that time despite my slow move from Windows 98 now to 8.1 (well really 7 since I can't stomach it and I screwed up the 8.1 upgrade, which is entirely besides the point). The point is, a few months ago, I purchased a new phone. It is not a windows phone (but neither is it apple). And last month my trusty desktop died. And my budget for new parts has been consumed by my phone.

I love the shellcity and its format. Does anyone know of an equivalent shore I can beach myself upon for android?

No worries, I will continue to lurk here. I am not leaving.