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BFL and bitcoin...

Posted: 11/23/13, 4:30 pm
by RedRage
I got my 7Ghash miner last week.. almost a full 2 months after it was promised. costing me around $5,000 or so in lost bitcoin :-( Still it is churning out bitcoin though much slower than it would've 2 months ago.

Quick review of Butterfly labs. They make some nice equipment but have horrible business practices. The kicker is if they say they will be delivered on such and such date (and it is on google cache) and then you tell them they will deny it. BFL_Josh (on the forums) is just a down right Liar at times or has a mental condition. If you call them out on it they get mad at you. Got some of my posts deleted, ignored in emails and can't get through to anyone on the phone. If you are in the market for some ASIC bitcoin gear I would suggest looking elsewhere. BUT like I said their equipment is pretty nice and extremely easy to use.. once you get it nearly plug and play.

Just my opinion on them.