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What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/23/13, 4:29 pm
by Don_U
Apparently the GOP is opening a ‘African American Engagement Office’ in Detroit. ... nt-office/
(I took the first link I could find)
Paul even found himself a Stereotype to lead this 'Separate but equal office'. OMG, I love southern politics. LOL
I wonder if Rand is going open the office on Fort St. or the Cass Ave. corridor. EAST SIDE YO. I wonder how many times he will visit the people he will 'try to lift up'. I doubt much, he will just send his boy.

I could not let this go without thinking about this song...
Eminem - Without Me

Dre is doing a remix of this tune feat. Rand...
I other news is it just me or did Rand get his Gerry Curls tightened for the gig. Or did he just steal James Browns wig?
Apparently southern GOP politics is a 'black thing' now. I wouldn't understand...ahhhhh but I do.
I used to tale politics seriously like we had a choice. Now it's just funny LOL :-0

Re: What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/24/13, 3:31 pm
by RedRage
Well in Detroit.. it shouldn't be hard to get many democratic voters to understand or even agree with conservative ideals regardless of race. I would guess to say that is why they are starting there.

Most conservatives (even those in the south) are not Raciest just like most of the liberals (even those in California) are not homosexual. To portray a group of people that way is discrimination and I think those who do should be charged with a Hate Crime.

It does get quite funny though.. that's why I think I like the show 'Red Eye' yeah mostly conservative but damn funny too.

Re: What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/26/13, 2:22 am
by Don_U
Saying that there is a 'African American Engagement Office’ is like saying, "I have a Black friend". How about a GOP office that attempts to address years of neglect from a corrupt political industrial culture.
~Begin Motor City Rant
One of the best blues bars in America was closed as a result of casino bullshit construction. John Lee Hooker and I shared a table there. I talked to Albert Collins as we both watched some of the best players in the country jammed and he joined in. The riser was 2 feet off the floor and the venue sat 113 people. Go to dinner in the affordable restaurant and listen to the first show while attending the second. I spoke with Bob Seager there like he was my neighbor. Nothing special just a night of music. They condemned the property to build a damn casino and never did build it. Thank you Dennis Archer etal for years of neglect and corruption. Cocaine and heroin was delivered and protected by cops creating a drug culture that is indelible and is a legacy of the prohibition era. The DEA practices their craft there every day. There are good people and places there. Most of the 'ruins' you see are south and east of the city center although ANYTHING east of Merriman looks like a war zone. As a regular visitor it breaks my heart. I love that city and the people there.
Green Field Village and the Henry Ford Museum stand as the model for corporate culture giving back. Danial Websters Home is there as is the Silas Marner cabin. Edison's Menlo Park Campus is there in faithful reproduction complete with the original organ upstairs and all most all of the original scientific equipment. As well as the Great Great Great(?) Granddaughter of Edison giving tours. She is a retired teacher and tells the accurate account Of Edison's work to stabilize the light bulb filament and the Tesla contribution to DC generation. You can reach out and touch the DC generators that Tesla help build. It gives me chills every time I go. I got to touch the Mercury driven stills that were used to evacuate the oxygen from the first stable light bulbs and see the iterative theory and methodology of science first hand. The folks at the Edison lab tested over 300 different materials until one was found for a sustainable filament. They are all there. To touch scientific history and hear a third generation account is something no book can recreate. The Wright Bros shop was moved there as well as the Steinmetz vacation cabin. A two room cabin and visual lesson to greedy CEO's everywhere. Then there is Kid Rock :-)
`End Motor City rant'
As for southern politics it is alive and well Red. It is not a generality but it is alive and well. To deny it is like saying racism does not exist. Just ask the Southern Law Center. For many the civil war is not over.

Re: What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/28/13, 11:41 am
by RedRage
racism and discrimination is going to exist no matter what you do. It is just not as bad as what lobbyists would have us believe and is not confined to the GOP.

most racism i see myself and i'm seeing a lot of it lately now working for a 'minority' owned business that employes thousands; is just simple lack of understanding often from the minority side. Some times customers, but they're usually just trying to get free stuff and figure causing a scene will get it or just mad because they lost all their money and cannot afford to get home.

Re: What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/28/13, 3:39 pm
by bob
>>>>because they lost all their money and cannot afford to get home.

What kind of company is it, Red?

Re: What do Rand Paul And Eminem Have In Common?

Posted: 11/28/13, 11:24 pm
by RedRage
A casino business