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The age of frameworks for design

Posted: 10/14/13, 5:31 am
by Don_U
This was done by no less than 3 professional places in town. It smacks of to much js used incorrectly and the responsive performance is crap. It stops at 1024x768. Even in responsive mode it does not size well. I am sure they ripped off someones template. They did not even have the common sense to write js min height = browser window height for the sections of the scroll. I'm no js wizard but that falls under basic and novice understanding. sheesh
this crap is brought to you by Modenizer, some js crap frame work. A fine example of an outcome with a js cookie cutter framework. Midwest and derivative. Go ahead count the things that are one off. The worst is they paid big bucks for this. Look at it with a tablet. It's like they did not do half of the work.