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Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Posted: 10/08/13, 11:18 pm
by Don_U
Fox News does an excellent job of inflating things. But really, the news does not get any 'bigger' than this. ... -news-deck

What a bunch of morons.

Re: Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Posted: 10/09/13, 1:55 am
by RedRage
LOL yeah first thing I thought of was this: That man is playing galaga

funny story.. i just about bought one of those.. or similar touch screen for my home but ended up with a 22" touch instead... glad i didn't get one of the big ones.. I would wake up with all kinds of weird stuff on my desktop from what i assume was either a fly or the cat chasing the screen saver while i slept.

got to admit the hardware is kinda cool though it does hardly anything for the show.... i'm not a fan of the 'new media'

Re: Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Posted: 10/10/13, 4:07 am
by Don_U
LOL on the video. You have to get a copy of the movie Brazil. It was filmed in '83. Terry Gilliam employed the same joke. I am constantly amazed. It never gets old for me how ppl use technology.