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Gary Clark Jr

Posted: 10/01/13, 6:56 pm
by Don_U
A one hour performance, very nice. I likes me the utube.

Good music to work by

Re: Gary Clark Jr

Posted: 10/01/13, 11:09 pm
by RedRage
yeah he is pretty awesome. caught him a couple years ago at the crossroads festival doing 'Bright Lights'

I'm loving the resurgence of blues :-)

Posted: 10/21/13, 11:23 pm
by Don_U
Channel 70 XM BB King Bluesville. I hacked my xm receiver for the digital output. Send it through the local d/a converter quality stuff. A statement I am going to get in trouble for. Delta music is the origin for Jazz and blues which in turn, is our only original American music. Except for the indigenous folks. :-)