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ShellCity Radio Guide

Posted: 05/30/13, 3:18 pm
by Don_U
Good radio on the internet. Post your favorite streaming radio here. Preferably 128k bandwidth if you are posting a stream link.

KCRW ECLECTIC 24: All Music Channel
Cool stuff, just listened to ~recent Richie havens.

Posted: 05/31/13, 1:40 am
by RedRage
i use scanner radio (android)/ reference or whatever they're calling themselves these days... to listen to my local EMS and Fire calls.

other than that I use DS Audio to stream form my Synology cloud.

Re: ShellCity Radio Guide

Posted: 06/27/13, 7:18 am
by RedDog
A plug for my local community radio station who are trying for an low power AM licence. Radio Deeside is a new start up and they are live on Sundays at the moment. The rest of the times they are recorded in advance of the show.