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Posted: 04/04/13, 1:27 am
by Don_U
What is with the roll back / missing posts?

Posted: 04/04/13, 3:49 am
by RedRage

maybe we just dreamed the past year? would explain a lot ;-)

Posted: 04/04/13, 3:08 pm
by Don_U
Oh no, it has finally happened. The universe is folding into itself.

Posted: 04/04/13, 3:45 pm
by bob
I've posted a note on the front page--database problems. and other things... Everything wrong at once. Things should be ok now though, n'est pas? Your options may be from last year, but your headlines will all be current.... Right?

Posted: 04/04/13, 3:52 pm
by RedRage
more mysqldump please? :-D

I wanted to cry yesterday I thought maybe you decided to shut the site down.

Posted: 04/04/13, 7:53 pm
by Don_U
Love this line-
"Your options may be from last year, but your headlines will all be current.... "

Don't Panic

Posted: 04/04/13, 9:34 pm
by Don_U

"If I could start living life over again from the last known good in time. ", I uttered that through the end of a Camel in one of the last dives downtown that allowed you to contribute to your own delinquency., "I am really tired of having to exhale into a machine just to get a drink." I said that as though the guy next to me was listening, apparently he was.

Without looking he engaged this rhetorical pass through.
"That does not mean your physiology does not age however, your 'life' can be rolled back. Everybody can have their own personal rollback in time. My company manages storage."

I asked him what type of storage he managed to make that happen. He finished his craft ale, put a card down and said, "All kinds, I manage all kinds.", He tapped on the card and walked though the door to the air on the other side. I sat there and pretended that I did not hear the words he said. All the while staring at that card...

Posted: 04/05/13, 12:10 pm
by bob
Heh! Good, Sod--you should read William Gibson's collection of short stories, very noir, with interesting science and a million mindfucks along the way

Burning Chrome was published in 1986, and includes:

"Johnny Mnemonic"
"The Gernsback Continuum"
"Fragments of a Hologram Rose"
"The Belonging Kind," with John Shirley
"Red Star, Winter Orbit," with Bruce Sterling
"New Rose Hotel"
"The Winter Market"
"Dogfight," with Michael Swanwick
"Burning Chrome" ... lection%29

Posted: 04/08/13, 1:39 pm
by Don_U
Thank You for the suggestion, Bob. I am going to pick it up today. I found I like short fiction...John Lutz is an author who writes detective short stories. He has a detective character named 'Nugger'. Takes place in of all places St. Louie. Gritty down to earth. Ever have Bennies Donuts? He has a shop below Nugger. Everything slightly greasy like Bennie's Donuts. Nifty metaphor.

Posted: 04/09/13, 3:29 pm
by Don_U
Correction the detectives name is Alo Nudger the owner of the Donut Delite is Danny...A book of Lutz's explains it better.

The Right To Sing The Blues - John Lutz ... ve&f=false

Posted: 04/10/13, 1:00 pm
by bob
John Lutz lives in our neighborhood -- used to see him and his wife all the time at tag sales, but not so much anymore.

You'll love that Gibson collection...

Posted: 04/11/13, 8:36 am
by Don_U
I love the metaphor Lutz uses about Nudger. That what he ingests at Danny's (in other words the world around him) gives him indigestion and at times is hard to swallow. If you run into him tell him hello. Heh! a "tag sale" here, we call those rummage sales.

"So much of life is in the mind" - John Lutz

I am digging into Gibson this weekend. THX