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google search alternative

Posted: 03/12/12, 8:41 pm
by RedRage
Google has really been p!ssing me off the past year or so I want to get away from them as much as possible.

i've been going back and forth between bing and yahoo... which one or other alternatives do you guys like?

Posted: 03/13/12, 2:37 am
by bob
there's another new thing, Red.... Might want to try it: ... ch-engine/

Google is pissing me off regularly too. Very specific searches, yet results really just chock full of irrelevant links....

Posted: 03/13/12, 2:43 pm
by RedRage
looks nice but... results suck lol.

it says.. is a parked domain (last time we checked). while they haven't been parked for months. they don't seem to have any webmaster tools to update or submit since they get many of their results from other indexes.

Posted on their forums will see what they say but as of now not an option for me :-(