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New Computer Audio Toys

Posted: 02/10/12, 10:58 am
by Don_U
I wanted for some time sound from my computer that surpasses the average. So i took the plunge I bought a pair of Canton (German made) +3's self powered loudspeakers and a Calyx Coffee DAC so that the Audio signal does not go through the sound card but from USB to to the DAC to the speakers. The result is excellent the change in dynamics and detail is profound. The DAC will even handle FLAC files.

Could it be that the enjoyment of music in a digital environment that is not as quality minded and dedicated to fidelity has made music trivial? That is, the loss of fidelity has made recorded music essentially background noise, elevator music as result of the compression. How much information and dynamics do you take away before the brain does not recognize it as anything but trivial, like the din in a public place?