Web Interaction Is Dead In Michigan

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Web Interaction Is Dead In Michigan

Post by Don_U » 02/10/12, 10:51 am

WOW - The thing about the web is that as a designer you have no metric reference for user numbers on a local or regional basis. The lie about the web is that people are interactive equally and that locale does not matter. The number of likes on FB or Google rank Alexa rank is not relative unless it is as a whole or sum and that is misleading.

It is as though they wish us to believe that everything is equal. I guess that works for marketers that follow the mushroom pattern (keep you in the dark and feed you shit) but to sell web design in a local environment is a daunting task because the information habits vary so greatly. The really frighting thing is that it also reflects how a given locale connects to the rest of the world.

It isn't pretty, outside of the seaboard or the states that make up the borders of the US (mind you FOR NOW this is small scale data) it appears not to be relative to velocity at all. It is in motion however, that motion is very slow and colloquial.

If this reflects how middle America is responding or adapting to the global nature of business or communication we are in big trouble.
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Post by RedRage » 02/12/12, 5:39 am

i'm confused.

you don't like the fact that say an alexa rank is global (or country) because it doesn't supply more specific regional data (like midwest)?

I really don't like the rankings much but they are useful for somethings (like when flipping domains). I like raw stats or another analytic system better.

alexa is based on users that visit with an alexa toolbar client that i doubt most have.

google PR pisses me off (i have a love/hate with google) seems like every 6 months the rules change :-/

Facebook are a bunch of bitches.

BUT they all work well for internet marketing or site/domain flipping.

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