More Google Bullshit

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More Google Bullshit

Post by Don_U » 07/24/11, 1:23 pm

Google is getting to the point where serialized information is all they know and all they want you to understand.

Been doing much research into Google for "the boss".

I have mentioned his before but I use XSL to write informatic expressions to the web. XSL is XML and Google reads XML so I used HTML tags in XSL to write static HTML so that it already is semantic so when parsed it can just be copied.

The phrase "Handcrafted Open Source Markup" was included in a h4 tag and the rule was set that it was only to be on the index page. Much to my surprise ;-) this line was read from the XSL and because it was in a HTML element it was synced to every page of my website in a search return.

The resultant was that Google understood who I was by this semantic description/search and provided a hierarchical view of my website in a search return because they synced this line to every page.

I thought cool! Google understands expression not just serialized expression, Then something happened, they stopped returning the tree and the phrase "Handcrafted Open Source Markup" and was now just a "in string" result.

There is more than one version/variant of Google?

Now this. I recently created a web page that also has a Flickr account. The Flickr account title includes the abbr. LLC (Short for Licensed Limited Corporation). The website title does not contain this, it contains a phrase in the title. The purpose of the phrase is expressive so that they are known by woodworking and the word furniture. When the result for "handcrafted open source markup" disappeared Google took the title of the Flickr page and synced to the title of the search result for the index page! So the title of the main web page is the title of the Flickr page!

They want to serialize all output making search faceless
just a return like so many others. (think serial killer)

I can see Google offering expressive not serialized search for a price soon if they don't already for certain select 'clients'.

We have witnessed big organizations like churches control information for 100s of years then movable type came along and diminished that influence. Now we have Google, could they be the new informatic religion?
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