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Super Congress

Post by Don_U » 07/24/11, 12:00 pm

Say hello to a American version of the old Russian presidium ... 07887.html

Interesting enough both the Oxford and Websters Dictionaries have the definition of this word WRONG.

WTF! presidium is greek not latin and and is the name of the arch frame or location that surrounds a stage or event. I learned this from my theater teacher in High School doing an independent study.

From the TV show the Mentalist found in a comment at the bottom of the Websters page.

""One cannot find a better presidium than this to do it." Incorrect usage by you(r) definition. TV show, Mentalist, talking about a salesman's death at a museum."

WTF! We have replaced centuries of intellect with bullshit
20 something college grads/interns fully convinced of their own superiority. They are easily tricked and confused by shortsighted history and propaganda.

Where is Wm. Tyndale when you need him?

The beat goes on...
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