Voodoo Medicaid

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Voodoo Medicaid

Post by Don_U » 05/16/11, 11:48 am

My folks are in a nursing home that costs ~7,000 a month each. The facility they are in is top notch and was built with a millage that the conservative small county I live in voted to pass. It is an Eden facility which means that the quality of care is as important as the quality of life.

Michigan at large does not have the social or business intellect to pull off doing the block grant thing. Most state governments do not have the resources nor the background services to support it.

But here is an idea...
The suppliers to nursing homes, big pharma, and anyone that sucks the system dry would provide and should provide service and products that are competitive with global markets.

When it comes to doctors here is a classic example legal Medicaid fraud:
When my mom had her stroke in Ohio a doc asked my dad 5 questions and the bastard billed Medicaid $560 dollars! I moved them to MI. Since they have been here
50% of their meds have been stopped and the quality of care is better.

The conservatives seem to want to let the overhead of the system run a muck with no control or regulation while the "free market" screws the government blind. The 500 dollar pentagon toilet seat has come to roost in medicine. This is welfare for old folks AND the providers!

The issue is conflict of interest for congressmen that are doctors who, for too long, have had a parasitic relationship with big pharma and suppliers. They should recuse themselves from the debate.

So actually the question we should be asking ourselves is this. Do we continue to sponsor corporate welfare for the medical industry that is unchecked while we diminish the quality of care for patients?

That is the real debate. Any questions?

oh yeah the VooDoo link is here...
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/16/us/po ... .html?_r=1
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Post by bob » 05/16/11, 5:54 pm

>>>>>The conservatives seem to want to let the overhead of the system run a muck with no control or regulation while the "free market" screws the government blind.

I think this is correct. A good example is Medicare part D, wherein, by statute, Medicare must accept the pharma companies prices for drugs (Part D was enacted during Bush jr's admin)-- no negotiation allowed. When the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, one of the items on their First 90 Days agenda was to change this and force he pharma companies to negotiate, thus saving Medicare big bucks. The change was never passed. What happened? Pharma lobbiests came in and with a variety of tactics (eg, promising lucrative jobs to top Congressional aids, campaign contributions, etc) kept the bill from even getting to the floor... Don't ever tell me Congress can't be bought. It's bought every day... Lock, stock and barrel. There really are no good Congressmen or Senators. Maybe generally, ideologically, they agree with your interests, but that's only until the money starts flowing...

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