This blew me away

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This blew me away

Post by Don_U » 03/01/11, 11:18 am

Was at a meeting of a local design group. The topic was startups. The startup examples were mundane at best. All adjacent ideas not congruent to the work flow of what they wish to accomplish.

The ideas about collaboration were as functional as a fix up at a 7th grade dance. I was pissed my tax dollars were paying for this immature approach.

Sooo after the formal part of the meeting was over I approached a 'designer' and introduced myself. Some small talk and we were looking at examples of each others work. Although fixed size his work looked good. Mine however did not despite compatibility testing to IE6 (I even tweaked for an iPad). I use em's I like the relative thing. It seems my font size was too small and since I use em's it was disproportionate to the images. He said more or less I was wrong and to use pixels for everything. This occurred in FF but not in Chrome.

He runs Arch Linux one of those distros you constantly
tweak to get it to work. After I got home I Googled the issue and found that there this was a Xorg7 interaction that involved FF and the system dpi. It turns that FF has a lot of font issues with this distro.

The funny thing is that he is a web front end developer
and was designing sites for others relative to the bug. He never noticed it.

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Post by Gerry » 03/02/11, 10:46 am

That sucks. Hate it when that happens and you only find out they were wrong after it's too late.

Although I'm still keen to try out Arch Linux soon as a rolling release is much better than slightly breaking your install more and more every 6 months or reinstalling from scratch. I think a rolling release would take away a lot of my pain, although I'm yet to try it.
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