Tonight I was in Tucson Az

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Tonight I was in Tucson Az

Post by Don_U » 01/13/11, 5:25 am

My next door neighbor (who is republican) and his wife was there too along with my wife, a lot of us were there.

Then it dawned on me, we have been other places together:
Philadelphia Pa.
Ellis Island
Selma, Alabama
Dallas, Texas
Washington Hilton Hotel
New York, New York
As Americans we have all been to these places.

Meanwhile the people who craft rhetoric, who profit from keeping us separate from one another hone their words in an attempt to supplant where we have been as a people with fear and prejudice so that they may reign. This did not 'begin and end in Tucson AZ'. We have been together much longer than that. We have experienced so much more.

Where were these people tonight while we were in Tucson? They were scrubbing Facebook pages, explaining themselves, and mailing paranoid appeals for money. They were not with us.

So here are some good thoughts, maybe even prayers, not to the Astronaut and Senator but to the Husband and his Wife, Godspeed, from all of us.
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