Design Issues

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Design Issues

Post by Don_U » 11/27/10, 6:11 am

I love the vision TBL has. HTML5 has closed the door on the idea of namespaces for the web. Shame since all browsers do support them. Yes Virgina even I.E.

The golden age of information expression passed and no one noticed, *Big time designers said it was way to hard for people. They bitched about it being to tough to follow.(hard to paperback creativity) Yet misspell a word in a post and you are an idiot. Ya gotta love the cult.

Feel free to use error handling in a browser like it's good programming and just remember validation is tooooo hard. We have ended up with a vision that is much less than TBL had in mind. To bad.

Not sponsored links but keyword search is going for 365.00 a month. SEO that. SEO Hint: want hits, mention SEO :P As I finished writing this I realized that net neutrality will not kill the Internet. A lack of understanding and good application will.

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