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Cmdtime 3 Script

Posted: 08/28/10, 6:59 am
by cuttheredwire
CMDTIME 3 .......... I use this in a script to sync to an atomic clock (scroll to bottom of page). "Cmdtime 3 is easy-to-use command-line utility which adjusts computer's date and time via Internet Time Servers. It's recommended to use it either standalone, or in batch-files, or with external schedulers.".....(free).....GO THERE!
Here is the aforementioned script. With no parameters, the program just looks at the time and tells you how far your system is off. This script sets it to check one server (/q = quick) and actually change the system time. It also uses the find command to filter and clean up the output. Enjoy. >:]

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@echo off

: by: cuttheredwire (at gmail)
: on: 2009-10-27
: in: sync.bat
: to: make cmdtime easier to use.

echo Checking time.

cmdtime.exe /q sync|find /v "*"