What an ass he should lose his job

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What an ass he should lose his job

Postby Don_U » 06/18/10, 12:53 am

The 20 bil is not slush fund it is in escrow.

We deserve tangible proof. Hence put your money where your mouth is. Due process has not been compromised by an escrow. I am not trolling but that moronic comment and his use of his position as a pulpit was wrong. Do what other less privileged Americans do, write a letter to the editor. I wonder if we can bill him back for the time used. That is about 5 minutes times everybody sitting in that room by what it takes to run that subcommittee. The way that asshole used the word "fair" is almost sacrilegious. I guess you could call this 'bending over for the bush family".

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv0siXm2 ... r_embedded
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