Honda's four-month break to begin

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Honda's four-month break to begin

Post by SOD » 01/30/09, 10:57 am

"Honda is to close its UK base for four months after Friday's shifts are over.

This will affect just over 3,000 of the 4,000 employees, who will receive their full basic pay for the first two months, but around 60% thereafter.

On Tuesday, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson outlined a package of government support for the UK car industry potentially worth up to £2.3bn."

This article stuck out after John was writing about the idea that Americans need to unify their voice and put aside special interests to move forward.

In America the "conservative voice" would have slammed the Honda UK plan to compensate their workers this well. I am sick and tired of Americans beating up on Americans
just because a person has better compensation.

The angry at your neighbor bullshit cause he or she has it better than you has got to stop. Just because someone has it better than you
is no reason to curse their existence. I always rejoice when good things happen to people. We have to understand that when one does well we are all a little better off.

Being a factory worker all your life is NOT AN EASY JOB. I have worked with people who could have done more for themselves put those
ideas aside for the security and consistency that an automotive or better paying factory job
offered. Those people sacrifice more than you know.

There is always this faction in America that has to hate some group. In days gone by it was the politically correct thing to hate African Americans or Hispanics or some minority. Now you can be sued for that so these same people direct their voice in the name of conservationism to hate their neighbor because they did not get the same break.

As long as people are willing to put their infighting first we will continue to be a country that has no direction forward which pleases a certain special interest group to no end. You see, they profit from our ignorant prejudice.
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