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Tune O' the day

Posted: 09/14/06, 10:43 pm
by SOD
Fade To Black-Dire Straits

Posted: 09/15/06, 2:10 pm
by kenray
If I Was Your Guitar - Pura Fe

(see the vid - )

Posted: 09/15/06, 11:07 pm
by RedRage
Flight Response - Days of the New (yup i'm hooked on them again)

Posted: 09/16/06, 1:44 am
by SOD
nice tunes, does anyone else have music they wish to share?

Another one by DS "Planet Of New Orleans"

Posted: 09/16/06, 2:06 am
by aktiwers
Opensource Music?


Posted: 09/16/06, 4:39 am
by SOD
A bit off topic but...

Might be cool if we had a straming 'radio station' that was a community project. You contribute music, your flavor
and style along with commentary about why ya like the band add unique depth and expertise to what you are presenting. Make it web based you log in upload, and broadcast form an account that could be shared amoung the staff.. The only requirement a music collection, sound card, & mic. Have a friend looking into the legal. As long as we are a non-profit and so not sell ad time we can stream.

No, not a service like studio360 but a dedacated server
there are public means of funding something like this.

Posted: 09/16/06, 5:07 pm
by Don
Wouldn't you run into trouble with copyright holders and all that sort of thing...
I mean, I got a few dozen mp3's that i'd like to share but I don't want to be getting into any strife with legals and all that. Most of them are oldies so there may not be as big a problem as current stuff but I certainly don't want the feds chasin' through my list of songs expectin a big fine or anything.

Posted: 09/16/06, 6:31 pm
by SOD
Playing music on the radio does not take a license as long as you are not making a profit from playing it...If you make money they want a cut. However if you are a non-profit non-commercial entity its a go. We have listener supported community radio here they do not pay royalties....I do the engineer stuff to the transmitter.

Posted: 09/23/06, 4:54 pm
by SOD
Original Fire - Audio Slave

Posted: 10/03/06, 9:34 pm
by SOD
Horace Silver -- African Queen

Posted: 10/25/06, 1:54 am
by SOD
Rockawhile - Keith Richards And The Expensive Winos

Posted: 10/25/06, 3:03 am
by Pogrelz
Hey SOD, do you have the whole new Audioslave CD? I still haven't listened to it, is it good?

Oh and Pearl Jam - Rival

Posted: 10/25/06, 9:18 am
by SOD
Yup, it rocks solid.

Posted: 10/29/06, 12:14 am
by SOD
Coging's Glory - Adrian Legg

Posted: 11/05/06, 3:44 am
by SOD
Rain, Rain - Bill Frisell